Investment Fraud Claims

Investment fraud is a deceptive practice where a financial advisors induces an investor to purchase or sell an investment based on inaccurate or inaccurate information. This type of fraud comes in all shapes and sizes, and can impact anyone who relies on another for investment advice and/or guidance. Investment and securities fraud arise out of allegations that losses are the result of misconduct by the financial advisor, not related to market forces or market conditions. Investment fraud frequently results in steep financial losses as well as violations of securities laws.

Many times we see investment fraud cases where the financial advisors lies about an investment, does not telling the entire truth about the investment or omits part of the truth when they attempt to “pitch” the investments. Sales phrases such as “once in a lifetime,” “guaranteed winners,” “risk-free,” and “only available for a limited time,” should raise red flags are the statements are often associated with high pressure sales tactics designed to sell an investment. Typically, financial advisors who use these phrases are looking out for their own interests (by way of a large commission or payment) and not looking out for their client’s best interest. 

Below you will find a variety of different causes of action related to investment fraud claims that we may be able to advance against your financial advisors.

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