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What is the Difference Between a Ponzi Scheme and a Pyramid Scheme?

Although real-life proves time and time again that get rich quick schemes never play out as intended, the temptation to …

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What Evidence Do You Need to Sue Your Financial Advisor?

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The Schwartz Law Firm Investigating Cortez Wealth Advisors, LLC Related to Sales of BCCOMM

The Schwartz Law Firm is investigating claims against Cortez Wealth Advisors, LLC related to recommendations it made to clients to …

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GPB Capital Accused of Being a Ponzi Scheme

Approximately 60 broker-dealers across the U.S. sold $1.7 to $1.8 billion of GPB investments marketed as private placements to investors. …

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What is Reverse Churning?

Although many of us invest in the markets, we often don’t know how they manage our accounts due to a …

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How to Choose an Investment Fraud Lawyer

As an investor, you’re at risk of fraud that can decimate your investment portfolio and wipe out all your gains. …

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Can I Sue My Financial Advisor Because I Lost Money In Oil/Energy Stocks?

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How to Plan for Your Initial Consultation with Schwartz Investor Advocates

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Robinhood Under Investigation by the SEC and FINRA for March Trading Platform Crash