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*In some litigated matters, we advance costs and expenses related to the litigation. In these situations, the advanced costs and expenses are recovered from the gross recovery of any verdict or settlement.
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About Us

The Schwartz
Law Firm

We are a full service litigation law firm focused on assisting our clients with their legal needs. We regularly represent clients in state court, federal court, and arbitration proceedings. We handle a variety of legal issues, including, malpractice claims, business disputes, property insurance claims and consumer claims. At the Schwartz Law Firm, we are dedicated to our clients and provide them with the representation they deserve!

Malpractice Cases

Malpractice occurs when a client has been harmed by a professional who provides inadequate or inappropriate advice/guidance. This specialized litigation involves disputes with lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, financial advisors and engineers. We have a nationwide litigation practice aimed at helping investors recover investment related losses. Our experienced attorneys aggressively pursue claims on behalf of clients who have been damaged as a result of negligence, fraud and/or misconduct by their financial advisors. Investment/securities related litigation is complicated and requires a specific skill set that most lawyers do not possess. Our skilled and experienced team is here to help you recover your losses!

Investment related litigation is complicated and requires a specific skill set that most lawyers do not possess. Our skilled and experienced lawyers are here to help you recover your losses!

Property Damage

At the Schwartz Law Firm, we are committed to protecting our clients after accidents cause property damage to their home. Accidents causing defacement, water, wind, fire, or other damage are generally covered by home owners insurance policies or other property damage insurance policies. Dealing with your insurance company after a loss can be confusing and frustrating.

Most insurance companies will take every effort to deny your property damage claim or underpay the claim. Often, insurance companies are more concerned with preserving their bottom line profit than providing the policy holders the benefits they are entitled to receive. Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney fighting for your rights will dramatically increase your change of recovery.

Residential Real Estate Fraud Claims

If you have recently purchased a home and discover material defects with the property that you believe the Seller knew about but failed to disclose, you might have legal recourse against the Seller. Sellers, and their real estate agent, are required to disclose hidden defects in the property prior to closing. In Florida,  residential real estate contracts frequently include language that the “Seller knows of no facts materially affecting the value of the Real Property which are not readily observable and which have not been disclosed to the Buyer.”  If these facts are not disclosed to the you (the buyer), you may have what is commonly referred to as a fraudulent nondisclosure or concealment claim against the Seller (former owner). These claims are frequently referred to as a Johnson v. Davis claims, named after the Florida Supreme Court opinion that recognized fraudulent nondisclosure claims. If you believe you are the victim of a fraudulent nondisclosure or concealment claim, please contact us for a free consultation

Consumer Claims

We represent consumers dealing with credit report errors and inaccuracies on their credit reports. Credit reports are often full of dangerous inaccuracies that could damage your reputation and financial life, and filing a dispute is sometimes the only option you have to protect yourself. Otherwise, you may be unfairly denied of credit, or even valuable job opportunities. The law provides you the ability to request that any incorrect information on your credit report be amended or removed, yet creditors often refuse to do so, forcing you to file a lawsuit. If your credit report has incorrect or damaging inaccuracies, can help clean up your report, and collect a fair and just compensation for the misreported information.

Overview of
Arbitration Process

Virtually all agreements between consumers/investors and a business, including financial advisory firms, include mandatory arbitration agreements, whereby the consumer and the business, waive their right to a trial in a court of law.

For clients with brokerage accounts at FINRA regulated firms, their arbitration agreements typically direct the claim to FINRA’s arbitration forum – FINRA Dispute Resolution. The arbitration process is outlined in the link below:

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